Northumberland National Park Experiences

This National Park will leave you star-struck! Sitting within the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park – the largest area of protected night sky in Europe – look upwards on a clear night and you’ll see thousands of stars twinkling. You may even see the Milky Way and if you’re lucky, the Andromeda Galaxy which is a mere 2.5 million light years away. And things are just as special at ground level. This is where England’s cleanest rivers and purest air come together and where Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site snakes from one beautiful coast to another. And being the least populated of all of England’s National Parks, nature thrives against a vibrant history of bloody battles and rich culture.

Arty Footsteps

Arty Footsteps

Fire up your senses and set your imagination alight with an arty guided walk in the Breamish Valley in Northumberland National Park. You’ll hear stories and insider info courtesy of a local guide while a wildlife artist will get your creative juices flowing and help you to capture the beautiful landscape dotted with prehistoric hillforts, grazing sheep and gently sloping hillsides on paper. Walk, talk, pause and draw what you see. Focus on the big skies and the distant hills or zoom in to draw a flower, a boulder, a tree or the tumbling water. A truly unique and highly personal way to get up close and personal with Northumberland National Park and create something to be treasured. Includes a delicious picnic lunch enjoyed along the way made with ingredients from local Northumberland producers.

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Foraging and Wild Cooking in Northumberland

Foraging and Wild Cooking

Discover edible treats hiding in hedgerows, wild culinary delights and natural medicinal wonders that have been used for generations on this guided wild food foraging walk through the beautiful Northumberland National Park countryside. You’ll learn how to find, identify and prepare edible flora, fauna and fungi offered by the local landscape and finish up feasting on your wild ingredients. A head full of discovery and a belly full of deliciousness awaits on this eye-opening tasty adventure in Northumberland National Park.

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Live Like a Roman

Live like a Roman

Be transported back to a time when the Northumberland National Park was untamed, when fierce warriors and soldiers roamed the wild countryside and when Hadrian’s Wall was a place where two cultures collided. In this historical Live Like a Roman adventure you will walk along the wall which once marked the northern boundary of The Roman Empire and discover what life was like on this frontier 2,000 years ago. March in the footsteps of the soldiers, pitch a Roman tent and tuck into a delicious Roman-themed lunch.

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National Parks Birds of Prey Experience

National Parks Birds of Prey

Get up close and hands-on with some of the world’s most iconic birds of prey that are native to Northumberland National Park. Spend three hours handling, feeding and flying birds, including the barn owl, tawny owl, kestrel, buzzard, goshawk and peregrine falcon. Find out why the art of falconry is listed as a world living human heritage and sample the real taste of Northumberland; the Ham and Peas Pudding Stottie - all against the backdrop of the beautiful Cheviot Hills and Pennine Way.

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