These Instagram pics show how amazing Britain is in winter

Wintertime in Britain is truly beautiful, with frost glittering across the rolling hills, enticing country walks and even more enticing cosy pubs, plus 1 or 2 things you would never expect… We let the pictures shared on our Instagram do the talking:

1. Having dinner and drinks in a rooftop igloo

Pop-up dining experiences are getting more exciting and experimental each year, so you can enjoy London from a different angle..! This one is at the Coppa Club in London.

2. A chance encounter with super-cute wild animals

From Highland cattle peeking through the trees, to deer roaming wild in London parks, we love how you get to get up close to the fuzzy critters. This herd of deer appeared through the mist in the New Forest National Park.

3. Shopping in Chester’s ‘Rows’

The ancient timber-framed shops of Chester (a city in Cheshire, northwest England) are famous for their Rows. These are undercover galleries that run along the shop fronts, and are the only examples of such in the world, making it a truly unique shopping experience!

4. Ice-skating beside amazing world-famous buildings

London’s magnificent Natural History Museum is just one example of the many winter ice rinks that pop up around the UK. It transforms into a winter wonderland from November to January each year, with a glittering ice rink and Christmas market in its forecourt.

5. Seeing a vintage car just ambling through a film-set village!

We Brits love a vintage car, and they’re perfect for staying warm while winding around those country lanes and little villages, like Castle Combe here, which has been used for many a film and TV show. Can you guess which?!

6. Gazing out at London’s twinkling skyline from a sky-high restaurant

It’s not just the London Eye that offers those iconic birds-eye views of the city lights – you can head up to the top floors of any number of high-rises for dinner, cocktails, even a sunrise breakfast (Duck & Waffle)! Or if you’re really brave, take a helicopter ride…

7. The chance to stay in a real Scottish castle

Imagine staying in the magnificent Inveraray Castle in Scotland’s Highlands, with a roaring fire and the wind whipping round outside?! It’s not just a dream – you actually can do it!

8. Seeing our amazing scenery in the snow

The UK can get snow in wintertime, with it more likely the further north in the country you go. So lace up those hiking boots and get out into the cold, snowy outdoors, like the Isle of Skye here in the Scottish Highlands.

9. …And seeing our iconic city landmarks in the snow!

There is always an air of excitement when the snow falls in London. Here’s Piccadilly Circus receiving a flurry!