Top food and drink experiences in Cambridge

  1. Fitzbillies

Fitzbillies’ Chelsea Buns are internationally known as one of the best things to eat in Cambridge. It’s a strip of pastry, rolled up into a circular bun, and in this case, covered with a syrupy coating. They’re very sticky, so make sure you grab plenty of napkins! If the buns aren’t your thing, choose from a host of other classic cakes or even stop in for dinner.


  1. The Eagle

The Eagle is a pub with a rich heritage. It’s famed as the place where scientists Crick and Watson announced to patrons that they had discovered ‘the secret of life’, after they’d developed their proposal for the structure of DNA. So if you fancy a pint, or some great pub food, and maybe a little genius on the side, The Eagle is the place.


  1. The Cambridge Chop House

Tuck into traditional, hearty British food in this relaxed cellar at the heart of Cambridge, right on Kings Parade with a great view of the magnificent Kings College.


  1. Alimentum

If you’re looking for a fancy meal, Michelin-starred Alimentum will serve you up a magnificent gourmet tasting menu that will dazzle you. They’re famous for their slow cooking ethos, and the presentation is beautiful.


  1. The Varsity Hotel

Enjoy a classic English drink – , the fruity, gin-based Pimms – on the roof of the Varsity Hotel, and take in the spectacular view over the towers and spires of Cambridge University.


  1. Cotto

Traditional, handcrafted and with a menu using natural ethically and locally sourced ingredients, Cotto is a delicious place to enjoy fine British cuisine in a cosy setting.

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