Top film and TV locations in Bath

  1. Seen Keira Knightley in The Duchess? Bath’s magnificent Georgian Royal Crescent and Assembly Rooms were used for scenes in the 2008 film including where the Duchess was presented to the crowds as ‘the empress of fashion’.


  1. Not only does Bath appear in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion, but also in both the 1994 and 2007 film versions. The Georgian architecture of the city, unchanged since Austen’s day, couldn’t make a better backdrop after all!


  1. Bath hosts a quirky festival, of which its patron, award-winning director Ken Loach, says: “Bring an open mind and prepare to be engaged: Bath Film Festival is not somewhere you go to be neutral, it’s somewhere you go to participate.” Bath Film Festival is held in November each year.


  1. 2004’s Vanity Fair was shot at hidden gem Beauford Square, and the more stately Great Pulteney Street – at 1,100ft (335m) long, the street is straight and broad and was designed for a carriage to turn in one swoop.


  1. Abbey Green is an attractive cobbled square and the nearby alleyways, such as North Parade Passage, were used for scenes for Dracula (2006). There is also a variety of shops and excellent restaurants to check out.


  1. Follow VisitBath’s Film Trail around the city – you’ll be amazed what was shot here! Simply download the map from their website.

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