10 amazing things about Leicester

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Did you know? Leicester has been declared ESPN's Greatest Sporting City for 2016! Let's celebrate with 10 top facts about Leicester

1. Thomas Cook himself, founder of today’s travel agent, created his first package trip in 1841. It was a train journey from Leicester to Loughborough. If you fancy a taste of Victorian life, jump on the Great Central Railway, Britain’s only double track mail line steam railway.

Thomas Cook Leicester

2. Outside of India, Leicester holds the world’s biggest celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali.

Diwali Leicester

3. Before the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, King Richard III stayed in the Blue Boar Inn in Leicester.

After he was killed in the battle, he was brought back to the city, but over the years his burial place was lost.

Then, in 2012, his remains were found buried, rather unglamorously, beneath a car park in Leicester. After archaeological investigation which confirmed his identity, in 2015 he was reburied in Leicester Cathedral.

Come and see the burial place of the last English king to die in battle!

4. Leicester City are the most unsuccessful club in FA Cup final history. They’ve reached the final four times and lost each time…

5. …Despite that, Leicester beat 5000-1 odds to win the Premier League in 2016!

6. Leicester Market is the biggest outdoor, covered market in the whole of Europe. Be sure to pay it a visit next time you’re in town!

Leicester covered market

7. Leicester’s history stretches back over 2000 years. If you visit you’ll find the ruins of a Roman Bath House at the Jewry Wall Museum, and an even older Iron Age hillfort in Burrough on the Hill.

Jewry Wall Museum

8. Leicester was the birthplace of Modern Standard English. Originally developed as a way of allowing the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to communicate rather than kill each other, today it’s used by more than 1 billion people worldwide.

9. London’s Leicester Square is named after Robert Sidney, who was the 2nd Earl of Leicester.

10. Leicester City Ladies FC is the oldest established women's football club in the country.

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