Northern Ireland's colourful capital.

Wall Mural, Belfast, Northern Ireland


  • Belfast is a rising star, emerging from years of political unease to take its place among the UK’s must-see destinations.
  • A visit will swiftly be rewarded with welcoming locals, superb pubs and restaurants, and top attractions including the atmospheric Crumlin Road Gaol and walking tours of Belfast’s famous murals.
  • The city has historic landmarks such as Belfast Castle and Belfast City Hall, plus a unique blend of traditional and modern culture.
  • Belfast offers the buzz and vibrancy of a British capital city whilst being a gateway to the rural retreats of Northern Ireland.
  • The birthplace of the Titanic, Belfast’s industrial heritage has shaped a richly cultural city.
  • You can fly to Belfast from most British cities. From London it is a 1 hour and 15 minute flight. 


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