Mayflower Anniversary Tour

You are invited on a Mayflower-themed tour of England, on the 400th anniversary of the historic voyage, an event of global significance. The Mayflower Pilgrim’s principles of individual liberty and freedom first took root in the UK, were nurtured in the Netherlands and then flowered in America. Their values have since guided all modern democracies.

Southampton Tudor House


On the tour you’ll gain an understanding of the Pilgrim’s lives before they sailed, by visiting the homes where they lived, the churches they worshiped in, the ancient Sherwood Forest where they walked, and the jail in Boston where they were imprisoned. You will also see the ports of Southampton, Dartmouth and also Plymouth, their final departure point. Other highlights include Stratford-upon-Avon, Windsor Castle, Gloucester Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and Cathedral, and dine in the Mayflower Pub in London – a favorite for the crew of the Mayflower.

10 Nov 2020(last updated)


Price: from $3,599