Are you a Premier League superfan? Here’s how to tell

Monday 13 February 2017

Do you have a favorite Premier League team? Do you always receive some sort of team-themed gift during the holidays? Is your Twitter feed full of football news? Do you have some sort of tattoo somewhere? On second thought, don't answer that.

You may be a superfan. But don’t worry, Britain is full of them.

To separate the serious superfans from the garden-variety sports enthusiasts, Daniel Wann, a sports psychology professor at Murray State University, developed a Sports Spectator Identification Scale in the late ‘80s. But, times there-a-changin,’ so we decided to give Wann’s sliding spectrum a little 2017 spruce. Here’s how to really tell if you’re a Premier League superfan.

Nothing keeps you from watching the game

Whether you’re traveling in a different time zone (hey, bars serve breakfast), or you’re stuck at work, you always find creative ways to root for your team.

You sing

You know all the words to the most well-known football songs (and you still belt them out in the shower).

You started young

No matter which team you favor, chances are you started watching Premier League games before you could walk (perhaps crawl).

You’ve got all the gear

Forget rocking a jersey only on game day, super fans show off their team allegiance all year long. Might we suggest a Manchester United cutting board?

Family vacations include a trip to the National Football Museum in Manchester

Who needs a trip to the beach when you can spend a day immersed in facts, photos, and few more untraditional items, at this interactive football museum?

You know all the best bars to watch the game

When your team is playing out of town, you know the best sports bars to watch the game—and maybe even have a lucky barstool.


…And the best spots to pre-game

Super fans know that the game doesn’t start when the whistle is blown, it starts with a pre-game celebration—and you're a VIP.


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