Top hidden gems in Cambridge

  1. Michaelhouse Café

This café, tucked inside a beautiful 14th-century church, is a true hidden gem. Look up from your cup of tea, take in the gorgeous stained glass windows and architecture. The atmosphere is great.


  1. St Giles's church

Visit St Giles’s church on Castle Hill at 1pm each Friday where a Cambridge University student performs a short piece of classical music; it’s a treat to listen to


  1. G. David Books

This second-hand bookseller sells some amazing books, including very rare vintage copies. If you fancy picking up a rare or first edition of your favourite book in this academic city, this is well worth a visit.


  1. The Blue Ball, Grantchester

Stop by Grantchester’s oldest pub, which dates back to 1767. It’s managed to resist modernisation and still retains its traditional charm!


  1. The Centre for Computing History

One of the best things about this museum is its vintage games console gallery! You’ll also find historic computers of all kinds and lots of information about how they’ve developed. It may be niche but if you love video games, or computers, then this is a gem!

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