Top wellness experiences for autumn

A nation of romantic cities and bustling cultural hubs, Britain also has a more tranquil side and visitors will find relaxing retreats, yoga workshops and mindfulness studios dotted from country to coast and beyond. So if you’re planning an autumn trip to Britain, why wait? Wave goodbye to summer and spend some time falling into wellness this autumn at our pick of relaxing retreats and activities.

Sweat it out by the beach

Man sitting outside Beach Box Sauna, Brighton

For a taste of the Scandinavian spa lifestyle head to Beach Box in Brighton. Located right on the beach, the spa features two wood-fired saunas with the sea as a natural post-sauna plunge pool. Get the chance to unwind in glorious heat, sweat out toxins and, with the addition of fresh water bucket showers, to leave feeling utterly revitalised. Take the experience one step further with a silent disco alongside a calming sauna session, or for a wholesome time, look out for Beach Box’s Full Moon parties with shoreline yoga and meditation.

Beach Box Brighton

Find yourself in silence

You’ll find silent mindfulness and meditation retreats across Britain, tucked away in tranquil countryside or in the calm stillness of some of our most beautiful manor houses. These group retreats vary in focus, but a great place to start is Gaia House in South Devon’s vast countryside. ‘The Path of Mindfulness’ and ‘Liberating Ways of Looking’ are a couple of the retreats on offer, helping you explore and practice mindfulness in as much or as little depth as you want.

Gaia House

Get back to nature

Three people, a man and two women walking up a ridge, The Peak District

Home to expansive National Parks, official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and breath-taking coastal walks, Britain is made for nature lovers. If you fancy switching off but don’t want to join a formal digital detox, these rolling valleys and dales provide the perfect backdrop for getting immersed in nature without the distractions of technology.

In Edale, in the Peak District, you’ll find the Old Nags Head, a 16th-century pub with rooms and self-catering cottages. Recognised as being the start of the Pennine Way, one of Britain’s most historical and famous walking trails, hire a bike, walk the peaks and discover one of our finest landscapes far away from the buzz and bustle of modern life.

In Autumn, Britain’s skies come alive with cosmic displays. Head to England and Scotland’s border to Northumberland National Park for a chance to see the starry skies in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall. Find a sense of calming and peace as you look out as the Milky Way glistens above you.

Old Nags Head

Float your way to tranquillity

These water-filled pods have half a tonne of Epson salt added to them, with participants floating in the dark for up to an hour. Together, these elements create a weightless floating experience combined with gentle ‘sensory deprivation’ that gives your mind a chance to clear, allowing sense of deep-relaxation to take over. You can enjoy this ‘easy mindfulness’ activity at locations across London, including at Floatworks in Vauxhall and Angel.5 

Floatworks Vauxhall

Dip into Britain’s spa towns

Woman wearing white robe standing by the swimming pool

Spa towns became popular in the 17th century, hailed for the health benefits of their mineral waters. Now they’re awash with wellness experiences that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Watch the sunset glow across Bath’s skyline at Thermae Bath Spa, make a splash at the rooftop pool before treating yourself to a hot stone spa therapy session or a unique bamboo massage. Look to Harrogate’s Turkish Baths, with its striking mosaic tiles and Islamic architecture, for Hamman treatments, Himalayan salt massages and a rejuvenating experience. Or for a moment in nature, travel south east of Birmingham to Royal Leamington Spa for wellbeing sessions and full moon spiritual healing in Foundry Wood.

Thermae Bath Spa

Find your zen

From flowing vinyasa in one of London’s tropical paradises, to wild yoga in Scotland’s capital, Britain is full of unexpected places to discover your inner yogi. With panoramic city views, London’s Sky Garden is the perfect place to welcome in the day with a morning yoga session. Set 36 floors up, you’ll even have time to explore the exotic gardens once the session is complete. In Edinburgh, find your wild side with a yoga class surrounded by nature at Holyrood Park. If you want to brave Scotland’s wild waters, try out for Adventure Yoga’s beach sessions too, where you’ll get the chance to make a splash after the class.

Holyrood Park
20 Jul 2022(last updated)