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Ideas for teenagers

Adventure holidays and summer camps

Teenagers aren't always easy to travel with, but luckily, in Britain, we've got lots to keep them occupied.

As well as all of our fantastic attractions and events, there are also a number of adventure holiday summer camps, where teenagers can get away from their parents for a few days, make friends and have a great time!

Do it 4 Real

Age : 10-17
Do it 4 Real has 23 camps across the UK, each one offering great activities. Pick from 8 great activities including Performing Arts, Film & Media, Action Adventure, Watersports Plus and Survival Skills, and spend 5 nights and 4 days (Sunday-Friday) doing fun and exciting activities. Experienced coaches and instructors are always present, and prices include food, accommodation, expert instruction and coaching, specialist activities, excursions and a free goodie bag.
Price : £399
Web : Do it 4 Real

PGL Adventure Holidays & Summer Camps

Age : 7-10, 10-13, 13-16
PGL have been running adventure holidays and summer camps for kids for 50 years. With 10 adventure centres across the UK, your child can pick from over 20 activities, including Dance, Film Making, Indiana Jones, Music Studio, Wellbeing and Xtreme Adventure. A fun-filled week is guaranteed, with experienced staff on hand to look after your children. Price includes food, accommodation, equipment, evening entertainment and PGL certificates and prizes.
Price : Prices depend on date & activity. 詳しくはウェブサイトをご覧ください。
Web : PGL Adventure Holidays & Summer Camps

ハウス!(The House!)

Age : 15-17
The House! has been designed especially for older teenagers to give them the freedom and space they need. Situated in Norfolk, the House offers excellent facilities and activities to make sure your teens have the best time. With over 30 activities to choose from, they definitely won't get bored. So whether it's Djing, Abseiling, Fashion or Fencing that they love, they'll have the chance to do it all here.
Price : From £495
Web : The House!

The Island

Age : 10-13, 13-16
The Island is a 100-acre estate on the Isle of Wight offering an exciting adventure programme along with action-packed evenings, excursions and specialist breaks. Teens have over 50 activities to choose from including Animation, Canoeing, Orienteering, Quad Bikes and Snorkelling. Close to the beach, The Island has a truly cosmopolitan flavour with young people from all over the world coming together to spend a summer making new friends.
Price : From £495
Web : The Island

Socious Sports

Age : 6-18
If your teens are interested in sports, then head to Socious Sports, which runs high quality summer sports camps all over the UK. Your teens can pick from cricket, netball and rugby, and expert coaches from all over the world hone your child's skills and make sure they're having a great time while they're away. Your children can't stay overnight at these camps, but every child receives a goodie bag including a sports bag, water bottle, certificate and in the case of rugby and netball, a ball as well.
Price : Cricket and Rugby £120 for a week, Monday - Friday, 09:30 - 15:15. Netball £96 Monday to Friday, 09:15 - 15:00.
Web : Socious Sports

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      イギリス最大規模の博物館、美術館、国の所蔵品の多くが無料で見られることを知っていますか? スコットランドからサウスコーストまで、無料で見られる素晴らしい博物館や美術館が数多く皆さんの訪問を待っています。中でも一押しをご紹介します。

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    • Campus accommodation Source:borman818


    • Incleborough House Bed and Breakfast in East Runton, Norfolk © Britainonview / Rod Edwards


    • Camping at Great Langdale Source:Wesley Bowler
      イギリスのキャンプ場 トップ10

      イギリスのキャンプ場 トップ10

    • Self-Catering accommodation


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    • Cosy interior Cafe Rouge restaurant Source:Copyright Sergey Shpakovsky
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      1991年、デビッド・エアとマイク・ベルベンは自分たちの店を開こうと決めました。レストランを開くだけの資金はなかったので、ロンドンのパブ「イーグル(The Eagle)」を買い取りました。