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Why study English in Britain?

600,000 students will tell you!

More than 600,000 students come to Britain each year to learn English and with all these reasons, it's little wonder:


You’ll be studying in home of the English language.


Britain has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence.


Quality is guaranteed when you study at an accredited English language centre. Just visit the British Council and English UK web sites for full listings.


The UK offers more English language courses than anywhere else in the world and you can study English alongside another subject.


You can choose from a variety of exciting locations in which to study – 4 different countries, bustling cities or quiet countryside.


UK English language qualifications are recognised and respected all over the world, enhancing your study and career prospects.

Work and study

A student visa normally allows you to work for up to 20 hours a week so you can work and study at the same time.


Learn in an English-speaking environment but with students from a mix of nationalities.

Unique culture

Have a great cultural experience. Enjoy our heritage, history, customs, theatre, nightlife, restaurants, shopping and fashion. Keep learning outside the classroom.


Not only is Britain an exciting place to visit, it is also the gateway to the rest of Europe so you can travel around mainland Europe during or after your course.

English UK is the national association for accredited English language teaching centres. Their website provides details and searches on schools, facilities and courses.

Education UK is the British Council’s education website provides detailed information on studying English and other subjects in Britain.




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