Studying at a British university

Why study at a British university?

Find out why UK universities are a great choice

海外留学というのは、誰にとっても、人生における非常に重要な決断の1つといえよう。 Not just for the impact it has on your career prospects and long-term future, but also for the opportunities it gives you to experience new cultures, new customs and new ideas firsthand.


1. Recognised and respected qualifications

英国の大学を卒業したという学歴は、世界中で高く評価されており、就職活動する場合にも有利だ。 They’ll give you an edge when you're competing for a job, proving to employers that you're capable of independent thought, research and self-discipline.

2. Value for Money

UK undergraduate study offers fantastic value for money and the sort of experience you can't put a price on: fantastic libraries, state-of-the art laboratories, ultramodern computer facilities and extensive research resources that will blow you and your future employers away.

3. Improve your English

Practise your English language skills every day, in shops and cafés and while you're out with English-speaking friends, as well as in seminars and discussion groups on your course. 英国の大学では、学期の期間中に語学サポートを行う大学もたくさんある。

4. Flexibility

大学レベルでは種類豊富なコースが用意されており、自分に合った勉強方法を選ぶことができる。 Enrol on a bachelor's degree, or start by taking a 2-year HND or foundation degree. 優等学位を1つ取得する人もいれば、同時進行で複数の優等学位取得に向けて勉強する人もいるなど、柔軟な選択肢が用意されている。 It's entirely up to you!

5. Improve your job prospects

UK undergraduate qualifications let employers know at a glance that you've got the skills they're looking for, putting you on the right track for a great job and a great salary: a year after graduating, less than five per cent of UK undergraduates are unemployed.

6. It's a multicultural experience

At a UK university you'll be mixing with people from all over the world, whose different backgrounds and new perspectives will add to your experience. Of the 405,000 students who entered UK higher education in 2005, more than 10 per cent were international.

7. Learn outside the classroom

Cultural events and festivals run all year round, there are world-class museums, attractions, art galleries and exhibitions and hundreds of castles, palaces and historical properties to enrich your experience and support your studies.

8. Travel

せっかくの英国滞在を、最大限に楽しみたいと思うのは当然のこと。 時間をつくって、旅行に出かけるのもお勧めだ。 With a Young Person’s Rail card or a BritXplorer pass, exploring the four diverse countries of Britain is cheaper and easier than you might imagine. 詳細は、当サイト内にあるバジェット・トラベラーのページへ。

9. The Outdoors

Britain boasts 14 National Parks, 49 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and enough beautiful forests, beaches and mountains to satisfy any nature enthusiast. Cycle or walk from one side of Britain to the other on the Coast to Coast path or try extreme sports like white-water rafting, rock-climbing and hang-gliding. 詳細は当サイト内にある英国のアウトドア・ライフのページへ。

10. Make the most of your time

Here are just a few other ideas: Visit a film location; go to a summer music festival; experience a unique UK event like cheese rolling; have a pint in a quiet country pub in the Cotswolds; run the London Marathon; visit an historic palace; go to a national park; surf in Cornwall…Whatever you do, enjoy!

Next Steps

Your first move should be to visit the EducationUK website. This site is packed with information on how and where to study in Britain and gives useful hints in course selection, student life and living in Britain. Your local British Council office will also provide you with advice and information on studying in the UK.

Hotcourses provides up to date information on UK study opportunties at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as information on short courses. In addition to to study information, the website provides advice on how to finance your studies and UK career opportunities.

You may also want to visit the UCAS website. UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Services) is the central organisation that processes applications for full-time undergraduate courses at UK universities and colleges.


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