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From West End theatre to cutting-edge art

The world’s biggest festival of the arts in Edinburgh, the romance of Jane Austen’s Bath or a lazy day spent sizing up sculpture at Tate Modern or the Scottish National Gallery… In Britain you’ll find a cultural cocktail that’s hard to beat.

Руперт Эверетт

Присоединяйтесь к актёру Руперту Эверетту на шумную прогулку по Theatreland в Лондоне, историческому, чарующему и изумительному центру театрального искусства Великобритании.

Writers and poets

Britain has produced some of the world's greatest writers and the British landscape has inspired some of the world’s most famous stories, poems and plays.

Free museums

History, design, science, nature, football, giant stuffed walruses – whatever your passion, you’ll find a museum to match it in Britain.

Театр, опера и балет Британии

Британцы – нация театралов, и в стране, подарившей нам Шекспира, вы легко сможете посетить самые разные постановки в театрах, признанных одними из самых зрелищных в мире.

Britain on film

Setjetters rejoice - Britain is one glorious, gorgeous movie set. Don't just take our word for it: filmmakers, cast and crew have filmed some true classics here. Here's a list of top Brit flicks, complete with great British locations.

Free galleries

World-famous masterpieces by the legends of the art world and controversial installations and creations by modern-day geniuses. See them all at Britain’s art galleries without spending a penny.

In the footsteps of artists

The British landscape has played artist’s muse for centuries. Take a look at some of the beautiful locations that have inspired some of the world’s greatest works of art, and then see them for yourself.

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