Heritage in Britain


Explore Britain's historic treasures

Britain is packed with historic monuments, royal palaces and some of the world's top museums. Visit the house where Shakespeare was born, climb cathedral spires, explore the Queen’s favourite home at Windsor Castle or uncover the Tower of London’s dark history…

Дама Джуди Денч

Узнайте, почему Дама Джуди Денч и её семья любят замок Хивер в Кенте, место, где провела своё детство Анна Болейн, и где Генрих VIII впервые добился расположения казнённой впоследствии королевы.

World Heritage Sites

Did you know that Britain has 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? These range from sites of natural beauty like the Dorset and East Devon Coast to cultural riches such as the Tower of London and Stonehenge.

Stately homes

Once upon a time, stately homes were the exclusive privilege of royalty and landed gentry. Today, these spectacular country pads make for a perfect day out, with their unique mix of history, culture and modern-day glamour.

Historic houses

Why stay in a nondescript hotel when you can play Lord of the Manor at some of the oldest and most interesting buildings in Britain? Discover some of our favourite holiday homes with a difference.

Britain's cathedrals

Find out why Britain's cathedrals continue to attract thousands of visitors for their stunning architecture and tantalising tales of those who lived, worked and were buried inside.

Top 10 royal attractions

Get closer to the scandal, glamour and history of the British royal family with a look around our top 10 royal attractions.

Roman Britain

The Romans colonised Britain nearly 2,000 years ago and their influence can still be seen today. Step back in time with us to a land of pagan gods, tribal warfare and awe-inspiring architecture…

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