UK Government guidance

UK Government guidance

Latest government guidance on COVID-19

Stay up to date on the latest guidelines across the UK. Please keep in mind that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland currently have different guidelines and restrictions in place. So do please make sure you check the respective official sources for information. 

Also check the guidance on travelling to the UK, including quarantine or travel corridors for international visitors and those returning to the UK.

For official government information and advice, please visit:

Get more on the latest guidance on holding events in England here and read UK Government’s four step plan to ease lockdown in England which includes details on the gradual reopening of the events industry.

For the latest guidance on holding events safely in Scotland, see the Scottish Government guidance for the tourism and hospitality and events sectors. Read more about Scotland's COVID-19 strategic framework.

See further guidance for the tourism and hospitality sector in Wales.

Refer to Northern Ireland's guidance for the visitor economy sector.


The guidance should also be read in conjunction with the working safely guidance, the safer travel guidance and other available sector guidance.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we can discuss the latest government guidance and give you further advice on your future events.

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