Dinosaur sightings spike as social media stars ‘Trex Tuesdays’ tour Britain

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Although thought to be extinct, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has recently been spotted across Britain - and there are videos to prove it.

Last month, VisitBritain brought global social media sensation Trex Tuesdays to the UK to explore London, Scotland and Wales and share their experiences with their legions of online fans - with the first of three videos released today at 4pm GMT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoRvAIm1qfs&feature=youtu.be

Trex Tuesdays is an American duo who dress up as dinosaurs and film their attempts at human tasks. While in the UK in October, the dinosaurs were spotted playing rugby at a Welsh club, hunting Nessie at Loch Ness, recreating the Beatles' Abbey Road crossing in London and taking a selfie in front of Big Ben among other activities.

VisitBritain Marketing Director Robin Johnson said:

"Make no bones about it, it's a fantastic time for Trex Tuesdays to visit. Britain is not only offering great value but also a feast of amazing experiences that T-Rex can only get here - from walking in the steps of their ancestors on the Jurassic Coast and chewing the fat with Nessie in Scotland, to dropping in on recently discovered cousins in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales. We're thrilled they are sharing their #OMGB amazing moments on social media with their thousands of fans and inspiring more people to book a trip to the UK."

Trex Tuesdays said:

"Britain has such great history and since we are 65 million years old, we really appreciate that! Our trip was many experiences in one; we loved the bustle and pomp of London, explored the lochs and hills of Scotland, and climbed castles and played rugby in Wales. It was more than a vacation, it was an adventure!"

Trex Tuesdays' videos are released every Tuesday on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and have gained millions of views online. This week's video focuses on their time in London, while the following two videos, which will be released on the next two Tuesdays, will show the dinosaurs exploring Scotland and Wales.

Social media is at the heart of VisitBritain's domestic and international #OMGB ‘Home of Amazing Moments' campaigns which showcase the incredible experiences that can only be had on a trip in Britain.

The campaign invites people to share their amazing UK travel experiences using the hashtag #OMGB (Oh My GREAT Britain), which is also being used by Trex Tuesdays as they release videos of their trip to Britain.

Last year set a record for inbound tourism to Britain on visits and spend with 36.1 million visits, 5% up on 2014, and spending up 1% to £22.1 billion.


Notes to editors:

About Trex Tuesdays

Trex Tuesdays is an online/social media entertainment group from the Twin Cities, USA. They create and release weekly funny videos starring "T-rex" every Tuesday

They have more than 570,000 fans on Facebook, with their highest rated video receiving more than 64,000,000 views and a reach of more than 136 million

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TrexTuesdays

Youtube: Trex Tuesdays https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1k4BqV7hiBE5-K420KdyrA

Instagram: @trextuesdays

For more information please contact Alisha Lewis at VisitBritain: alisha.lewis@visitbritain.org

/ 020 7578 1128 or 07769671411

For more information contact:

VisitBritain Media Team


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Trex Tuesdays - London #OMGB
Trex Tuesdays - Playing Rugby (Aberdare RFC) Wales
Trex Tuesdays - Loch Ness, Inverness Scotland
Trex Tuesdays - Urquhart Castle, Inverness, Scotland
Trex Tuesdays - Inverness Golf Club, Scotland
Trex Tuesdays - T-rex Knight at Caerphilly Castle, Wales
Trex Tuesdays - Sheep in Wales
Trex Tuesdays - Speed Boat (Cardiff Bay), Wales
Trex Tuesdays - Chisholm’s Kilts, Inverness, Scotland
Trex Tuesdays - Tower Bridge London
Trex Tuesdays - Abbey Road London