The 7 best places to eat pancakes in Britain

Monday 18 May 2020

From traditional fluffy pancakes draped in berries and drizzled in syrup, to breakfast feasts that feature sausages, eggs and even roast potatoes, we've rounded up our top 7 pancake parlours to make your Pancake Day the flippin' best.  

Best places to eat pancakes in London

Where the pancakes are, Southwark, London 

Stack of pancakes on a plate at the pancake parlour: Where the Pancakes are, Flat Iron Square, London, Credit: Jade Nina Sarkhel
Where the Pancakes are, Flat Iron Square, London, Credit: Jade Nina Sarkhel

The not-so-traditional pancake house, ‘Where the pancakes are’ is the perfect place for you to pop in for a quick pancake fix or on Shrove Tuesday. The cafe-restaurant makes fresh batter every day to serve a menu that caters to the savoury or the sweet. The pancake parlour’s Dutch Baby pancake once came in at number 43 out of the 100 best dishes in London as voted by Timeout London. 

The Breakfast Club, London, Brighton and Oxford

In 2017, The Breakfast Club served over 928,000 pancakes…if you stack ‘em up, that’s the equivalent of 30 London Shard buildings. The Breakfast Club offers their infamous pancakes with a range of choices, even with sausage, egg and their home-style fried potatoes. If you fancy something a little sweeter, try their ‘Salted Caramel Banoffee Pancakes’. If you want to visit one of these ‘cafs’ there are several situated across London. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out if you’re outside of the big city, you can find the ‘cafs’ in Oxford and Brighton as well. 

My Old Dutch Pancake House, Kensington, Holborn & Chelsea


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If you love cheap and cheerful, My Old Dutch Pancake House is the place for you. They have been serving up delicious pancakes in London since 1958, so we think it’s safe to say they’re pancake-pros. Whether you’re a sweet or savoury kind of person, you won’t be stuck for choice at this friendly and relaxed parlour. Why not pop in and try their ‘Hot Dutch’? It consists of pepperoni, chorizo, cheese, red chillies and tomato sauce all piled on top of fluffy pancakes. You can find My Old Dutch in London’s Kensington, Holborn and Chelsea.

Best places to eat pancakes in Northern England 

Moose Coffee, Manchester and Liverpool 


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Moose Coffee was founded back in 2006 through the owner’s love of American breakfast and brunch culture. Step inside one of these laid-back diners and experience American and Canadian attitude at its best through their delicious breakfasts. You can now find them sprinkled across Liverpool and Manchester, with each cafes unique location being complimented by its décor. Come hungry as you won’t be disappointed with the choice on this authentic menu, whether it’s ‘Cabouse’, Moose Coffee’s homemade cheese pancakes, or buttermilk pancakes for those in need of a sugar fix.

Best places to eat pancakes in Wales 

Coco Gelato, Cardiff


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We can almost guarantee you’re not going to be stuck for choice at this sweetie heaven. Get your sweet-fix with ‘Flippin Oatalicious’, or try ‘The Spoilt Ambassador’: a Ferrero Rocher-inspired delight. Don’t worry those of you who prefer a savoury number! Coco Gelato also offer a range of savoury choices from ‘It ain’t easy being cheesy’ to their ‘The Maharaja’ which is filled with chicken tikka and melted cheese.

Best places to eat pancakes in Scotland 

Café Strange Brew, Glasgow


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Café Strange Brew is a scrumptious independent café located in Glasgow. Take a look on their Instagram where you can scroll through all the delicious dishes they offer, including some inventive pancakes like their signature pear, cardamom and saffron pancakes or their rhubarb crumble and custard. Sounds fancy, eh?! The funky café is dog-friendly, so we’ve got our paws crossed that they’ll be serving up dog-friendly pancakes this Pancake Day!


Make your own pancakes

If you want to indulge in pancakes in the comfort of your own home, take a look at this delicious recipe for the perfect pancake. For good measure, we’ve listed some of our favourite toppings too:

- Lemon and sugar

- Nutella and banana/strawberry

- Bacon and maple syrup

- Berry Compote

If you don’t fancy indulging in pancakes, why not head to the Houses of Parliament in London to watch the Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race? You can watch MP’s and other political correspondents battle it out to see who the fastest pancake tosser is.

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