Top 5 haunted houses in Britain

If you like the spooky and scary side of history, Britain is packed full of places where you can discover tales of the supernatural. Visit the spooky houses below and you might catch a glimpse of what lurks in the dark…

1. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland


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With a name like ‘Chillingham’ there’s bound to be creepy things going on at this castle.  Located in Northumberland near to the border with Scotland, this castle was the site of many violent battles and sieges. The castle takes on an eerie atmosphere after dark as the shadows come to life. Book an evening ghost tour to see who (or what!) will make an appearance when the lights go out.

Chillingham Castle

2. Newton House, Carmarthenshire


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On the grounds of stately grounds of Dinefwr nature reserve, lies Newton House, a 17th century house with a murky history. Back in the 1720s, Lady Elinor Cavendish was strangled by a suitor when she refused his advances. Some visitors have felt a choking sensation in certain parts of the house. If you miss out on a ghostly encounter, see if you can spot the worldly creatures - polecats, fallow deer and badgers - that live on the estate instead.

Newton House

3. St Briavel’s Castle, Gloucestershire

You probably won’t come across many YHA youth hostels with their own dungeon and hanging room, but that’s exactly what you’ll get at St Briavel’s Castle. Guests staying at the hostel have reported seeing a person dressed in a full suit of armour and experienced the sensation of being touched by dark figures standing in doorways. Stay there if you’re brave enough!

St Briavel’s Castle

4. Glamis Castle, Angus


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This impressive castle has more than 600 years of royal history, but look beneath the surface and you’ll find a more grisly past. A former Lady Glamis was suspected of being a witch so her family and servants were tortured in the castle to reveal her whereabouts. She was eventually captured and burnt at the stake in 1537. Take a haunted tour of the castle and you might glimpse the ‘Grey Lady’, the ghost of Lady Glamis, believed to haunt the castle to this day.

Glamis Castle

5. Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire


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Behind the beautiful Samlesbury Hall lies a story of forbidden love and murder. Dorothy Southworth fell in love with a man from a local family but her family disapproved. Sadly, her lover was murdered in front of her on the premises. Dorothy died of a broken heart and visitors have reported seeing her ghost around the property and grounds. Uncover more of the house’s history and its other resident spooks with a ghost event and haunted tour.

Samlesbury Hall
06 Apr 2021(last updated)