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It’s time to slow down, relax and unwind with a little bit of me-time. Clear the diary, switch off your phone and reset your mind and body with an indulgent, guilt-free spa break in the comfort of one of Britain’s award-winning hotel and spa resorts.

Treat yourself to a massage, relax in a sauna or simply while away the hours with a good book at the poolside. You’ll find all kinds of treatments and outstanding facilities available, from facials and manicures to aromatherapy and floatation tanks. Tour the once thriving bathhouses, and uncover the history of Britain’s thermal and healing waters.

Best places for a spa break

Britain’s spa cities and towns

A wellness retreat for the Romans and Georgian architecture around every corner.

Aerial view of crescent-shaped building surrounded by grass

Dive into Cheltenham’s spring waters and discover a thriving cultural scene.

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Indulge and relax at Harrogate’s ornate Turkish Baths.

Couple wearing white bathrobes relaxing in the spa

Travel into Britain’s oldest National Park to get a taste of Buxton’s thermal waters.

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A Regency town with a beautiful backdrop - relax and revitalise on a visit to this spa town.

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On the foothills of The Malverns, discover the waters of this quaint town.

16 Great Malvern Priory 044 credit Michael Whitefoot

Luxurious spa experiences

Spa at One

Rooftop infinity pools

Feel on top of the world as you relax in a rooftop infinity pool such as Spa at One in Edinburgh. You’ll be amazed at the views that span for miles across the city.

Nirvana Spa

Celestial floatation tanks

Gaze up at the stars and let your stresses gently float away in a celestial floatation tank at Nirvana Spa in Wokingham.

Close up of man laying on spa table getting massaged

Massage and beauty treatments

Choose from an endless list of traditional body massage and beauty treatments to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Wave Garden Spa in North Wales

Unusual therapies

Be brave and try something different, like the ice igloo at the Clifford Day Spa in Nottingham or Hammam treatments at Wave Garden Spa in North Wales.