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Dartmoor National Park Experiences

Mystery, folklore and incredible history awaits at Dartmoor National Park in the far flung south-west of England. Best known for its wild open moorlands and iconic granite tors, the National Park has fuelled writers, poets and artists for centuries who, along with modern day walkers and cyclists, flock here to explore or simply take in the rugged expanse. Visit the quaint medieval villages, meet the wild ponies and be truly at one with nature.

Wild Ponies, Wild Land

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Pull on your walking boots and join Dartmoor’s Daughter, a specialist nature guide, for a ramble through stunning landscapes along part of the historic Haytor Granite Tramway. Lookout for a semi-wild herd of ponies who call Dartmoor National Park home and be inspired by stories of bygone quarrymen, tram-pulling ponies and myths and legends. Round off the experience at Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) where you’ll enjoy a hands-on experience with Dartmoor heritage ponies. You’ll also have the chance to find out about the lives and work of the farmers who keep the ponies on the ‘Commons’ of Dartmoor in this ultimate experience for pony lovers!

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Walk Through Dartmoor’s Myths and Legends

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Get ready to be transported back to a time of pixies, ghosts and witchcraft on this spine-tingling experience that celebrates the history and legends of wild Dartmoor. As you tread the rugged landscape your passionate tour guide will recount eerie tales and historic myths and even share some experiences of their own. Dramatic to the end, this walk leaves no stone unturned and even the pub where you’ll stop for lunch comes with its very own spooky tale; look out for the resident ghost and see the fire that has been burning for nearly 200 years. 

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Gems of Dartmoor

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Grab your camera and get ready to discover the lesser-known gems of Dartmoor National Park. This unique experience combines a lesson in photography with some of the most stunning landscapes in Britain. Under the wing of a local photography expert you’ll practice framing and capturing stunning images and will be treated to insider know-how on where to go for the most vivid colours and atmospheric sunlight. Expect to finish with dramatic photographs and a new-found love for the off-the-beaten-track wildness of Dartmoor National Park.

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Hound of the Baskervilles

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Step into the pages of The Hound of the Baskervilles by visiting the real-life locations that feature in the famous detective story set in Dartmoor National Park. Experience the landscapes that inspired writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, discover the fact behind the fiction and hear stories of the people who came alive in the characters. In the company of a local literary expert you’ll explore Dartmoor’s wild and open dramatic spaces as well as three churches, each with novel stories to tell. A page-turning adventure for Baskerville fans, Doylians and Sherlockians as well as anyone with a love for literature.

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Cycle the Granite Way

Mix adrenaline with fantastic views by hiring a bike and cycling the Granite Way which runs along an old Victorian railway in Dartmoor National Park. Stretching for six miles between Okehampton and Lydford, it’s gloriously easy to navigate and is entirely off-road, so perfect for families and cycling newbies. There’s iconic bridges, castles and sites of geological interest to swoon over and picnic stops aplenty. As the name suggests, the dramatic granite landscape takes centre stage on this trail and it couldn’t be more beautiful!

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Ancient Stones and Ancestors

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Step back in time on this guided walk across Dartmoor National Park and experience the history and mystery of ancient Britain and its people. Awaken your senses and imagine what it might have been like to live thousands of years ago as you walk with an expert local guide between majestic granite tors and Bronze Age relics. Visit ruined settlements and ancient stone rows, circles and standing stones, all whilst following in the footsteps of ancestors and foraging and feasting on local seasonal foods.

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