Getting to Britain

All you need to know to travel to the UK in 2020

Marcel, Le Corgi sitting on grass outside Hampton Court, London, England.

If you’re planning a British adventure, there’s no need to worry. The UK is packed full of amazing experiences for you to enjoy all year round, and you’ll discover a country that’s just as vibrant, diverse and welcoming as before. Travellers from across the EU will still be able to visit the UK after 31 January whatever the circumstances. As the UK and the EU enter the transition period we want to reassure travellers that nothing will change until at least 2021.

Below, you’ll find the practical details you need to plan your visit to the UK.


Flights, trains, ferries, coaches

Flights, trains, ferries and coaches will continue to operate between the EU and the UK, and vice-versa. Passengers across the continent can continue to book and travel with confidence as they travel on their holidays to the UK.


Documentation – during the transition period until 2021

Visas will not be required for EU travellers visiting the UK for holidays or short-term trips.

EU travellers can continue to travel on ID cards until at least 2021. Travellers with a biometric passport can use the e-gates for quick and easy entry to the UK.


Health and EHIC Cards

EU citizens are still able to use a valid EHIC card until at least 2021.

The rights of individuals covered by the citizens’ rights agreements with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland will not be affected..

Note: The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance and you should have both when travelling to the UK. For more information see:


Travelling with your pet

Pet owners will be able to travel with their pet between the EU and the UK under the current EU pet travel rules using a current UK-issued EU pet passport or a pet passport issued in an EU 27 Member State. If an owner is travelling with their pet for the first time they will have to visit their vet to get a pet passport.


Driving in the UK

Travellers with a non-UK driving licence will still be able to drive in Great Britain. You will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP).


Using your mobile phone

You’ll pay the same for calls, texts and mobile data in the UK and the EU if you have a SIM card issued by a mobile phone network from an EU or EEA country.


For more information

The UK Government has published guidance for EU nationals visiting the UK after it leaves the EU. See: for the latest updates.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.