Best Places to Watch the Royal Wedding in London

Thursday 08 October 2015

This is a guest post by Sergio Santos.

With a record number of over 1.5 million visitors expected to pour into London to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding this Spring, it could prove a challenge to scout out the best vantage points along the processional route or find the ideal viewing party location.

Many hotels in London have already sold out their suites for the big event to be held on Friday the 29th of April, others are raising their prices significantly, while airlines are also anticipated to jack up their fares dramatically as the date draws near – so make your reservations and travel plans early.

The service is set to take place at 11 a.m. at Westminster Abbey and finish about midday. The newlyweds will then proceed to travel by carriage along the route of many famous landmarks including past the House of Parliament, Horse Guards Parade, The Mall, St. James’ Park and Clarence House before returning to Buckingham Palace. Any of the above locations would afford a fine view of the royal couple, but make sure you arrive well ahead of time to secure your spot, and bring snacks, drinks, and any other essential supplies such as a jacket and camera.

Private Hotel Parties

If you don’t feel like standing the entire time or if you prefer a more relaxing party atmosphere, there are numerous fun and exciting events taking place throughout the city in celebration of the occasion. Many hotels, restaurants, and pubs are hosting Royal Wedding viewing parties where reservations may be required.

Public Outdoor Events

There are also numerous public outdoor activities that you can take advantage of such as the party at Hyde Park in central London. This spot was where Princess Diana and Charles got married in 1981. The Royal Wedding is planned to be broadcasted right here on huge screens for the over 200,000 attendees.

Flickr Creative Commons by Garry Knight

South Marine Park Picnic

Another enjoyable location from which to escape the masses converging on London will be at the seafront South Marine Park in South Tyneside. The organizing committee has invited the public to pack a picnic lunch and gather with your blankets for the gala event. Here, you can avoid the crowds and watch the royal nuptials and wedding procession with in-depth coverage of the event on a giant screen.

Royal Wedding Campsite

If you can’t find an affordable hotel or if you’re looking for a unique experience near the action, you can set up your tent and stay at the Royal Wedding campsite on Clapham Common in South London. Hundreds are expected to gather here to party and enjoy giant screen viewing of this social event of the year from Thursday through Sunday.

Flickr Creative Commons photo by Ewan Munro

If you take the time to explore the plentiful options available for well-wishers to cheer on the bride and groom as they pass by, you will be sure to secure a great spot where you can sit back, watch the royal marriage and procession in comfort, and enjoy all the festivities associated with what is bound to be one of the most memorable and historic events of the decade.

This post originally appeared on WildJunket Travel Blog.

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