Whisky tasting in Scotland like a Kingsman

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Your mission: To taste the world’s best whisky, Kingsman-style
Location: The Scottish Highlands

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Statesman whisky barrel

There are any number of whisky distilleries in Scotland, where they make the most of the distinctive spring water from the Highlands. In Gaelic it is known as ‘uisge beatha’ – water of life. Direct your mission to any of these fantastic whisky experiences and carry out some reconnaissance…

Insider knowledge: Drink your whisky neat or with water – never with a mixer – to avoid offending the locals.

5 awesome Scottish whisky distillery tours you have to go on

The GlenDronach Distillery, Aberdeenshire

GlenDronach Distillery, Aberdeenshire, Kingsman special edition whisky

Take the ‘journey of rediscovery’ tour with an expert guide and see first-hand the methods that have been in use for more than 200 years. Upgrade to tasting tours with options to sample the best malts the distillery produces. They have even produced an exclusive Kingsman Edition.

Talisker Distillery, Isle of Skye

Talisker distillery, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye’s own distillery has been producing a highly respected malt since 1830. Tours depart daily and reveal all behind the scenes of Talisker.

Laphroaig Distillery, Islay

Laphroaig Distillery, Scotland

Located on the sea’s edge on the isle of Islay, be brave and taste this distillery’s heavy smoked-peat flavoured whiskies.

Insider knowledge: Laphroaig is pronounced ‘la-froyg’.

The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh, Scotland

You don’t have to venture to the Highlands if your mission is running out of time. This city-centre visitor experience in Edinburgh provides all the whisky insights, and the chance for a dram or 2, of course… 

Dalwhinnie Distillery Visitor Centre and Whisky Shop, Cairngorms National Park

Dalwhinnie Distillery, Scotland

Dalwhinnie combines the delights of whisky and chocolate on their tours. The site of this distillery was chosen for its crystal-clear mountain spring water and is the highest in Scotland at 1,164ft (355m) above sea level. 

Want to be escorted around? You can book on a Whisky and Scottish Highlands Tour through the VisitBritain Shop.

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