5 Diverse Prince’s Trust Businesses to Support

Tuesday 07 March 2023
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The United Kingdom is preparing to celebrate a historically anticipated moment – the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. Since its founding in 1976 by HM King Charles III, The Prince’s Trust has aided 1 million entrepreneurial youngsters through a variety of grant offerings and Enterprise courses.


After completing his duty in the Royal Navy, HM The King Charles III became dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK, founding His Trust to deliver on that commitment.


Visitors can support these young entrepreneurs in many ways, from taking classes at the Black-woman-owned Aerial Gymnastics London to enjoying authentic Filipino food with a twist from Yes Lah in Manchester. See below 5 Prince’s Trust-supported businesses making an impact in their communities and welcoming visitors to a dynamic and diverse selection of experiences.


Indulge in diverse eats and foodie treats


Yes Lah, Manchester, England

From Nasi Lameks (a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk with Pandan leaves and served with fried egg) to Kimchi bowls, Zosima, 29, a self-professed “Third Culture Kid”, has developed a wide range of dishes sure to cater to any taste.

Zosima (or Mama Z, as she is affectionately called) is half Filipino and half English, and grew up in the Middle East with lots of different cuisines around her. Zosima developed a love of cooking and built a career in the hospitality sector before starting her Filipino restaurant, Yes Lah, with the help of The Prince’s Trust.

Zosima spent three months in the Philippines honing her Filipino cooking skills and knowledge. When she returned to Manchester she did the Enterprise course which taught her about bookkeeping and finance. She also got legal help with contracts and had access to helpful contacts through The Trust to grow her business. At the end of the course, she pitched to The Trust for funding and was awarded a £5,000 grant. She was also given a business mentor from The Prince’s Trust to advise on the hospitality industry and help in the business start-up.


Scootch, London, England

Oli Knell runs Scootch, originally a street food business which is now selling a variety of delicious croquettes to different pubs, bars, and restaurants, including Bullfinch Brewery in Herne Hill. It was during lockdown that Oli decided to set up as self-employed, and The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise course gave him the knowledge and contacts to get started on his business. 

Oli said: “I attended the four-day Explore Enterprise Course virtually during lockdown. It was so interesting and covered the core principles of running a business. The best thing about The Prince’s Trust is the sheer amount of networking. I’m always chatting to my Prince’s Trust Executive Alastair who puts me in touch with the right people so I can borrow some of their time, get advice from them and learn from their mistakes and their triumphs.”


The Scran Man, Birmingham, England

Blake aged 19 has always had a passion for cooking and loved creating different dishes with his mum from a young age. Mid-way through his culinary apprenticeship Blake was keen to take more control formulating recipe ideas and at this point decided starting his own business would be a good option.


After attending a face-to-face Prince’s Trust Enterprise course in August 2020, he tested trading his American soul food inspired creations, while also building his social media presence, and secured a loan from The Trust. The loan enabled Blake to expand his business The Scran Man, by moving into larger premises and buying more equipment.


Blake said: “I initially started cooking for family and friends and it just grew from there. When I decided that I wanted to set up my own business, I recognised that I needed more support in terms of how to run a business. Costings, profit, marketing, tax – I had to learn most of this from scratch, which was possible with The Prince’s Trust’s support.”



Enjoy exciting experiences and sustainable shopping


Aerial Gymnastics London, England

Nathalie Alison from South East London runs Aerial Gymnastics London, offering a range of adult and kid classes designed to develop a happier mind and healthier body. She reached out to The Prince’s Trust for financial support during the Coronavirus pandemic, and her business is continuing to grow and develop.

Nathalie said: “I saw an advert online about The Prince’s Trust and applied although I didn’t know much about it. I was actually able to apply twice, and I was successful in getting funding both times. To my knowledge, I’m the only Black woman in London running an aerial gymnastics business, and there are only a few others across the UK. It’s a predominantly white industry.”

As part of her business, Nathalie offers between 25% and 100% off class fees for families who couldn’t otherwise afford them. As a child she was able to get a scholarship from a charity to fund her way into the circus industry, and wants to pave the way for similarly financially challenged youth.


High Vibe Alignment, Tamworth, England 

Created by founder Sophie with the support of The Prince’s Trust in 2016, this holistic and wellness brand sells sustainably and ethically sourced crystals from all over the world in the ‘High Vibe Crystal Cabin’ nestled in the Midlands. The shop gives patrons a choice of selecting a hand-crafted jewellery piece or designing their own.


Sophie said: "I had no experience of running my own business, that’s what was so great about the support I received from The Prince’s Trust. They guided me through the whole process, from an idea to launching the business. They helped me with my business plan, how to price my items and how best to market my business. My mentor was there to support and encourage me too. Especially when things didn’t quite go to plan. Running my own business has enabled me to share what is important to me with other people. I’ve grown in confidence as a business-woman too. It’s so rewarding!”


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