Orient Express UK day trips

Monday 18 December 2017

Please note: since this blog was published, these trains are no longer called Orient Express in the UK, but you can enjoy just the same experience on the Belmond British Pullman.

When you hear the name Orient Express you know luxury is coming your way but did you know with the same company that operates it, you can take day trips around the UK on a luxury train?

Belmond British Pullman train Britain

This was news to me too so I was thrilled to discover the extensive list of options including visits to historic towns, gardens and special events.

Since 1982 the Venice Simplon Orient Express has operated private luxury train services all over the world including the British Pullman service in the UK.

British Pullman train

The British Pullman 

British Pullman interior luxury train Britain

The British Pullman carriages originally ran on legendary 1920s services like The Brighton Belle and Golden Arrow.

The Northern Belle

The Northern Belle was introduced in 2000 and reflects the luxury and style of the 1930s 'Belle' trains and covers the north of England and Scotland.

Fine food & drink

luxury dining belmond train britain pullman

A day trip on the Orient Express starts from under £200 so is not shockingly expensive when you think about what is included.

The luxury dining on-board makes this attractive to food lovers and I'm certainly tempted by the afternoon tea deals!

The Executive Head Chef prepares all of the meals in a kitchen that's literally the size of a cupboard.


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