Go Wild: Dive with seals in Devon

Go Wild: Dive with seals in Devon


Go Wild: Dive with seals in Lundy

The unspoiled, car-free island lies off the coast of North Devon in the Bristol Channel. A haven for those eager to escape to 9-to-5, it’s home to all sorts of wildlife including puffins and a resident population of around 200 Atlantic grey seals - meaning it's a top pick a close encounter with a graceful sea pup or two.


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Some diving companies require you to have a PADI certification before you head underwater, while others will show beginners the basics or let you snorkel instead. There are about 40 dive sites around the island (making it the perfect destination for an adventure break) and though seeing the seals cannot be guaranteed, you’ve got a pretty good chance. These playful mammals are inquisitive too, so don’t be alarmed if you feel a gentle tug on your fin.


Lundy Island

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Look for the Lundy Letterboxes


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Follow the clues to seek out the 27 letterboxes hidden across Lundy Island on this adult treasure hunt. Each contains a rubber stamp to collect, and many are off the beaten track – a more unusual way to explore the island.  

National Trust - Lundy

Order a pint in the island's only pub


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Marisco Tavern is Lundy’s one and only pub – that never shuts. Ever. Catering for day trippers and the island’s 28 residents, you can sip on locally brewed ales and sample a traditional pasty. And with no TVs or slot machines, all you can do is socialise. 

Marisco Tavern

Soak in a Land Rover hot tub

Back on the mainland, the Bluebird Penthouse is an excursion-worthy charming 1950s caravan with views over the Taw Valley. It’s the epitome of serenity, and the outdoor vintage Land Rover hot tub and hidden wine cellar aren’t bad additions either. 

The Bluebird Penthouse
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