Are you brave enough to stay in Britain’s most haunted hotels?

Monday 04 May 2020

With its illustrious history, gruesome tales, and creepy old buildings, Britain could be the most haunted isle in the world. If you're feeling brave, pack your bags (and maybe your séance kit) and spend a night in one of Britain’s most haunted hotels.

The ‘Most Haunted Hotel in Britain’

Adelphi Hotel & Spa,  Liverpool

If you’re going to stay in a haunted hotel, you might as well stay at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel & Spa in Liverpool. Paranormal investigator and author Tom Slemen claims to have seen ghosts while giving talks in the hotel’s Sefton Suite, which happens to be an exact copy of the Titanic’s first-class smoking lounge. Slemen says he saw 3 men standing at the far end of the room dressed as naval officers, who he since believes to be Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic and 2 unidentified officers.

Staff have also reported seeing a grey lady in a Victorian-style dress in the basement, and the sighting of somebody hanging out of a window, yet when it was checked, it was locked.

The hotel with the German prince

Langham Hotel, London

If you’re staying at the Langham Hotel in London and notice a change in room temperature, you’re probably just being haunted by a German prince. Legend has it that the troubled nobleman threw himself out of a fourth floor window at the property many years ago and is still seen wandering around the halls and walking through closed doors.

But, that’s not even the most haunted tale in Langham Hotel history. Apparently in Room 333 a BBC newscaster woke up to see a florescent ball of light, which slowly began to take human shape and hover above the floor. 

The smugglers’ hideout

The Mermaid Inn, Rye

The Mermaid Inn, located in Rye, has a reputation for being haunted with its creaking floorboards and 600+ years of history.

According to legend, the Inn was used as a stronghold for a band of smugglers known as the Hawkhurst Gang between 1730 and 1740. It seems that the group ended of leaving, but 5 of them might have stayed behind. From bottles shattering in the middle of the night, to rocking chairs swaying on their own, there have been numerous tales of strange, supernatural stories reported over the years that might be the doing of some smugglers that won't leave. 

Will you survive the night?

Castle Stuart, Scotland

Before it was hailed as one of Scotland’s premier golf destinations, Castle Stuart served as home to James Stewart, the Earl of Moray. For unknown reasons, local residents began to spread the rumor that the castle was haunted. To disprove the theory, James Stewart offered a reward to anyone willing to spend a night in the castle. A local minister accepted the challenge and stayed in a room at the top of the East Tower. The next morning, he was found dead in the courtyard with a look of terror on his face.

Watch out for the non-corpse

Black Swan Inn, Wiltshire

Numerous guests at the Black Swan Inn, located in Wiltshire, have reported seeing 2 detached legs strutting around the property – without a body in sight! If that's not enough of a fright for you, keep an eye out for the ghost of a young woman sitting in a chair and gazing longingly out the window. She reportedly died while giving birth in Room 4

Get photobombed by the Grey Lady

Ruthin Castle, Wales

The ghost who inhabits Ruthin Castle Hotel, located in Wales, may have been a cold-blooded killer, but she’s also terribly chic! Dressed head-to-toe in grey, the Grey Lady was the wife of the second-in-command at the castle when it was a fortress occupied by the armies of Edward I.

The story goes that after discovering that her husband was having an affair with a local woman, the Grey Lady murdered her husband's lover with an axe. Today, she’s often heard stomping around the hallways and even spotted popping up in the background of some guests' photos!

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