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Thursday 01 January 1970

So what are you up to this weekend? Pub? Restaurant? Maybe you’re gonna go wild and check out a new release at the cinema! Forget the usual Friday night formula; do something different tonight:

Museum late night openings There are an astonishing 2,500 museums and galleries in Britain showcasing some of the world’s finest collections in some of the world’s most iconic buildings. And the best part is that most of them are free. Why not avoid the daytime cram and hordes of school kids with a late night museum visit? They happen all over Britain including at the top museums in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond.




Edinburgh Vaults Vigil Beneath Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mail, there’s a secret labyrinth of underground chambers. During the 18th-century a community of traders (and numerous less savoury characters) thrived down there until a tragic flood killed everybody leaving the vaults haunted by countless spirits. It’s a terrifying place at the best of times, but during the Vaults Vigil you’ll get to spend the night down there… if you dare.

Night views Skyscrapers, cathedrals, tower blocks, castles and bridges all bathed in starlight and twinkling with the lights of the city. Romantic huh? All cities by night are. And it costs noting to take in the view. Here are some of our favourite night time viewing spots: Kite Hill on Hampstead Heath in London, Chalton Hill in Edinburgh, Cardiff Bay in Cardiff, the top floor at Baltic art centre in Newcastle, St John's Tower in Liverpool and where better to finish off than Cloud 23 Bar on the 23rd floor of the Manchester Hilton.


Dans le Noir London Meaning ‘In the Dark’, Dans le Noir in trendy Clerkenwell in London’s East End brings a whole new meaning to dinning after dark. In this one-of-a-kind restaurant, you’ll enjoy sumptuous fine dinning in complete darkness. As in pitch-black-no-light-at-all! This might seem slightly odd, but the concept suggests that by suppressing the dominant sense of the sight, your sense of taste and smell become heighten allowing you to ‘taste’ like never before. Milgi Lounge Cardiff Milgi’s mission is to bring together food, drink, music, art and culture under one roof. It’s one of the coolest bars in Cardiff serving superb cocktails, tasty food and playing the newest sounds around, but what makes it unique is its inspiring events and features that include art exhibitions, a monthly vintage clothing market that spills out onto the street and even storytelling in a yurt and a knitting club!

Creepy night time tours Uncover Britain’s creepy after-dark secrets of with a spine-tingling night time guided city tour. Ghosts, ghouls, murderers and villains are just a few of the things you’ll encounter. City of the Dead Tour Edinburgh combines history’s strangest stories with a touch of humour, while Creepy Cardiff and Ghost Trail of York both offer hair-raising spooky tours while seeing some of the cities’ best sights and attractions. And in the capital, you can follow in the footsteps of the most famous serial killer of all times with the London Jack The Ripper Tour.

Billingsgate Fish Market OK, so men shouting at each other and the smell of raw fish at 2am may not be your idea of a great night out, but there are few places where you can experience history and quirky East End culture live in action like at Billingsgate Fish Market in London. Billingsgate is the largest inland fish market in Britain and has a colourful history that spans over 400 years. Work starts around 1am so head down any time through the night to enjoy the sights, sounds and characters of this iconic market.

Billingsgate fish market (c) eyedropper.co.uk

Late-Night Restaurants We’ve all stumbled out of a bar at 1am and gone straight into the nearest kebab shop to  order a greasy Donna, no doubt with extra chilli sauce, and of course deeply regretted it in the morning. Put a bit of style into late-night dinning with a visit to one of Britain’s many late-night or 24hr restaurants and bistros. Many quiet eateries come alive after midnight with trendy post-bar crowds looking to carry on the night and socialise. Search online for late-night restaurants. Roller Discos Dig out your spandex, leg warmers, pink afro and freakiest dance moves for a revival night down at the roller disco. It doesn’t get more cheesy, or more fabulous, than this! Whether you’re an eight-wheeled wonder or and absolute beginner, roller discos are a guaranteed night of unapologetic hilarity. There are over 50 roller skating venues in Britain, so wherever you are you’ll be able to boogie the night away (or fall over a lot). See roller skating venues in Britain.

Roller disco (c) John Curley

Karaoke Karaoke is all about having fun and murdering some of the best-love songs of all time. And most definitely not about singing well. Is anyone really interested in the girl who belts out I Will Always Love You in a voice that rivals Whitney herself? No. We want the group of tone-deaf ladies screeching out Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and the tipsy guy slurring Three Times a Lady to his girlfriend cringing in the corner. There are karaoke bars in every town, so search online for venues.

IMAGES VIA: www.visitBritain.com

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