London's Christmas lights in 360°

If you’re in London in December, don’t miss the Christmas lights that brighten up the dark winter nights and make central London sparkle, twinkle and shine.

Here are some of the best places to marvel at London’s magical Christmas lights.

1. Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street Christmas lights

This iconic, pedestrianised shopping street was the centre of fashion back in the 1960s. It’s still a fashion hub today with a successful mix of cult, high street and independent brands trading side by side. The theme of the Carnaby Street Christmas lights changes each year - a great excuse to return again and again!

Carnaby Street

2. Oxford Circus


Christmas lights at Oxford Street

Ask a Londoner ‘Where are the best Christmas lights in London?’ and they’ll probably reply ‘Oxford Street’. London’s shopping mecca, home to a staggering 300 shops, is lit up like a Christmas tree in December. You’ll usually find spectacular displays at department stores John Lewis, Debenhams and Selfridges as they strive to have the best Christmas window in town!  

Oxford Circus

3. Regent Street

Regent Street Christmas lights

It’s hard to believe this street could get any prettier but at Christmas time Regent’s Street is simply breath-taking. Delicate twinkly lights enhance this fine shopping street, home to several flagship stores and the world’s largest toy shop, Hamley’s. 

Regent Street

4. South Molton Street

Christmas lights at Covent Garden

Be dazzled by the eye-catching lights (and the price tags!) you'll find in South Molton Street. Located in Mayfair, one of the most expensive areas in London, the street is home to several designer boutiques and luxury brand stores.

South Molton Street

5. Covent Garden


Covent Garden Christmas lights

Stroll around Covent Garden and admire the dazzling lanterns and hanging Christmas garlands decorating the market building and piazza. Then take your pick of bars, pubs and restaurants to enjoy this charming part of the West End and continue with the Christmas festivities.

Covent Garden
Carleen Shoy
04 Dec 2020(last updated)